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Best Places to live in Portugal

Lisbon Tram

As 2023 unfolds, many individuals are contemplating a move to Portugal, drawn by its expat-friendly environment, stunning beaches, safe cities, charming beach towns, and historical fishing villages. Portugal's allure continues to captivate expats worldwide, but the question that lingers is: which part of Portugal is the ideal place to call home?

For expats seeking advice on the best places to live in Portugal, the answer depends on individual needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Whether it's the golden beaches of the Algarve, the islands of Madeira or the Azores, or the perfect spot for retirees, the choice varies.

To assist in this decision-making process, we've compiled a list of the best places to live in Portugal in 2023. This selection, influenced by recommendations from Nomad List, takes into account factors such as cost of living, healthcare, weather, safety, family life, and more. Notably, these locales are also recognized as some of the best places in the world to live and work remotely:

  1. Lisbon

  2. Porto

  3. Braga

  4. Funchal (Madeira)

  5. Ponta Delgada (The Azores)

  6. Aveiro

  7. Coimbra

  8. Portimão

  9. Ericeira

Lisbon, Portugal's capital, stands out as a diverse city suitable for expats, families, students, and boasts a thriving LGBT+ community. The city combines the energy of a bustling metropolis with a beautiful historic center and proximity to exquisite beaches.

For those considering a move to Portugal, especially with the rise of remote work due to the pandemic, Lisbon holds particular appeal. The city is a hub for tech nomads and remote workers, equipped with co-working spaces, high-speed internet, and abundant job opportunities, some of which offer the highest salaries in the country.

Currently ranking third on Nomad List's "Best Places to Live and Work in the World," Lisbon offers expats a mix of cultural immersion, affordable living, and a vibrant lifestyle. Despite its positives, prospective residents should consider factors such as crowding and healthcare concerns.

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