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Are you a digital nomad, a remote worker, freelancer, retiree, or a post-Brexit Brit seeking a fresh start and the allure of Portugal's vast opportunities and eco-friendly lifestyle? MARTIM Services welcomes you to the D7 Visa program, tailor-made for those yearning to settle in the sun-drenched haven of Portugal, a country committed to sustainability.

Financial Freedom Aligned with Sustainability

To qualify for the D7 Visa, applicants must demonstrate an annual income equivalent to 36,000 EUR, offering flexibility with a monthly income of 3,050 Euros. This income can stem from diverse sources, including sustainable property rentals, eco-friendly dividends, royalties, or contributions to green initiatives.

Unlocking the D7 Visa Benefits – Embracing Sustainable Living

Securing a D7 Visa opens the doors to a myriad of eco-conscious advantages:

- Fast-Track to Portuguese Passport & EU Citizenship: Within a mere five years, you could hold a coveted Portuguese passport, marking your entry into EU citizenship and a commitment to sustainable living.

- Extended Benefits for Family: The D7 Visa allows you to secure Portuguese residency for your children, spouse, and parental dependents, paving the way for their own 5-year journey to EU citizenship while embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

- Immediate Work and Business Opportunities:The moment you step into Portugal, the right to work or establish a business for yourself and your family is yours to claim, promoting sustainable economic activities.

- Eco-conscious Tax Haven: Enjoy the privilege of zero tax exposure in Portugal on non-Portuguese income, with a cap of 20% on Portuguese-sourced income, supporting sustainable financial practices.

- Freedom of Movement for a Greener World:Your D7 Visa grants you immediate freedom of movement within the EU, broadening your horizons and opportunities to contribute to sustainable initiatives.

- Health and Education Benefits with a Green Focus:Gain access to eco-friendly healthcare within Portugal and the EU. Moreover, you and your dependents are entitled to full work and study rights, with access to over 1,000 environmentally conscious degree courses within the EU.

Path to Citizenship sans Property Investment: Unlike other citizenship programs, the D7 Visa provides a route to Portuguese and EU citizenship without the mandatory investment in Portuguese property, aligning with sustainable living practices.

Unmatched Success, Tailored for You and the Planet

At MARTIM Services, we take pride in boasting the highest success rate among qualifying applicants for the D7 Visa, emphasizing sustainability. Contact us now, and let us guide you in assessing your passive income to ensure you qualify accurately.

Navigate the D7 Visa Process with an Eco-Friendly Approach

Visa Validity:

Your D7 Visa is valid for four months upon approval. However, keep in mind that within this window, you must apply for your D7 temporary residency permit in Portugal, embracing an eco-friendly transition.

Application Timing:

Commence your D7 visa application three months prior to your planned departure to Portugal, allowing ample time for document preparation, including eco-conscious choices.

Location Matters:

Apply for your Residence Visa (D7 Visa) in your home country or country of residence. Following visa approval, travel to Portugal to apply for your Temporary Residence Permit, contributing to sustainable travel practices.

A Green Investment for a Seamless Transition

Embarking on the visa and residence permit application independently can be intricate. Each application demands a specific set of eco-friendly documents in both Portugal and your home country. Avoid pitfalls and safeguard your time and confidence by leveraging our professional services committed to sustainability.

Remember, investing in professional eco-friendly assistance is not an expense but a prudent, low-impact investment for one of the most pivotal sustainable decisions of your life. The future beckons – Portugal, with its eco-friendly lifestyle, awaits your arrival. Let MARTIM Services be your guide to unlocking the sustainable lifestyle you've been dreaming of. Contact us now, and let the green journey begin.

for Digital Nomads, Freelancers, and by PASSIVE INCOME

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