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Job seeker Visa D1&D3

Job Seeker Visa for applicants who want to go to Portugal for the Purpose of a Job. The Portuguese Government has announced Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2023. For this Visa, you do not need to have a Job offer from Portugal. With this Visa, you can visit Portugal and look for employment or Job opportunities. Applicants from all around the world can apply for the Portugal Work Visa Without a Job offer.

Do You need a Job offer for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa?

No, you do not need a Job offer to apply for a Portugal Job seeker Visa. This visa is a temporary visa that allows you to enter Portugal and search for a Job within 120 Days.

If you are able to find a job during this time, you can then apply for a residence permit.

Eligibility Criteria for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • You must be a non-EU national.

  • You must have a valid passport.

  • You must have a clean criminal record.

  • You must have a sufficient amount so that you can support yourself in Portugal during Job seeking.

  • You must have health insurance that covers you for the duration of your stay in Portugal.

Benefits of Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • You can enter Portugal without a Job offer

  • You do need to have to apply for a Job first.

  • You can apply for this visa from your home country.

  • You will be able to explore the Portuguese Job market.

  • The Cost of a Visa is low.

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