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Residence permit and Citizenship Services

Welcome to Martim Hungary, where securing your residence permit is not just a process but a passport to a world of opportunities. Our groundbreaking property investment program, starting from just 155,000 euros, is designed to make your residency dreams a reality. Here's why Martim Hungary is your ideal partner:

  • No Residency Requirement: Enjoy the freedom of obtaining your residence permit without the typical residency constraints. Martim Hungary streamlines the process, eliminating unnecessary hurdles.

  • Swift Approval: Experience efficiency like never before. Receive your residence permit in less than 90 days, ensuring a prompt and hassle-free transition to your new life.

  • Visa-Free Access: Unlock the perks of visa-free access to all of the EU and Schengen Zone. Martim Hungary broadens your horizons, allowing you to explore and thrive without borders.

  • Strategic Investment: Hungary, a dynamic and rapidly growing market in the Schengen Zone, has emerged as a magnet for smart investors. Martim understands the pulse of the market, offering a property investment opportunity that aligns with your residency goals and financial aspirations.

Join the wave of success in Hungary's thriving market with Martim. Your key to seamless residency, global access, and prosperous investment is just a step away. Embrace a future without boundaries!

Hungary Residence Permit by Property Investment

 With a minimum investment of 155000, you can obtain the residence permit and enjoy all the benefits of living in the European Union. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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