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Portugal Golden Visa Landscape Shifts to Investment Funds

In the wake of recent changes to Portugal's golden visa program, Martim Company is witnessing a notable surge in foreign investment as savvy investors adapt to the evolving landscape. The alteration in the program, which ended the option of obtaining residency through real estate investments, has spurred a shift towards alternative avenues, with investment funds in national shares emerging as a prominent choice.

Feira de Ladra

According to data from the Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF), between January and September, 30% of residence permits granted to foreigners resulted from investments in these funds, marking a significant pivot in the preferences of international investors.

The pivotal change driving this trend is the introduction of a capital transfer requirement of 500 thousand euros for the subscription of participation units in investment funds. To qualify for the golden visa, these funds must have at least 60% of their portfolio invested in companies based in Portugal, and the investment should have a minimum maturity period of five years.

Martim Company has noted a growing interest among foreign investors in these national funds, which is reflected in the SEF data. Investment funds or venture capital funds that invest in Portuguese companies received over 125 million euros between January and September 2023. This amount represents a substantial increase of 45.5% compared to the total recorded for the entire year of 2022, according to reports from ECO.

The company acknowledges the resilience and adaptability of foreign investors, who, despite the modifications to the golden visa program, continue to find innovative ways to participate in Portugal's market through alternative investment channels.

As the landscape evolves, Martim Company remains committed to providing expert guidance and support to international investors navigating these changes, ensuring a seamless and successful investment experience in Portugal.

Stay tuned for more updates on our company news page as we continue to monitor and analyze the dynamic shifts in the investment landscape.

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